This is a story of bringing together heroes in a marriage of styles, myths, music and personalities.

Tracing CC Adcock's search through the swamps and flatlands of South Louisiana we witness, firsthand, the formation of a band of unsurpassed talents and heart-warming personalities they now call Lil' Band O' Gold.

As each member is introduced, we begin to realize their unique and individual cultures first hand. Every musician is a master of a separate style, both diverse and exciting. Seventy year old Warren Storm, a veteran blues drummer and Swamp singer; 68 year old Dickie Landry a careering avant-garde art jazzman on saxophone and Steve Riley, arguably the greatest traditional Cajun accordionist are just some of the players in this band. In this relatively small area they call Acadiana we see these diverse cultures blend and twist together in the collaboration of this extraordinary band.

Watch as the band and their producers see if it possible in today's world of upward trends and corperate business to take this soulful train of culture to the next level . Beyond just another Saturday night. Or maybe Saturday night is all these virtuosos need to fulfill their passions.

Through music and laughter and the struggles and pleasures of everyday life, the Lil Band o' Gold radiate as a fine example of the melting pot that is the United States as they let us take this journey with them through their Promised Land.

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